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Man Struck, Killed by Tree While Standing on Porch

Police recounted that among the fatalities on the wake of super storm Sandy was a man who was standing on his back porch when large tree fell and killed him A 62-year-old man died after he was struck by a tree that fell while he was standing on his back porch waiting outside for his

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Child Killed, 4 Injured In West Philadelphia Fire

PHILADELPHIA – A fire that broke in a family apartment claimed the life of a 5-year-old child. The fire was in one of the units at the West Park Apartments’ 400 building – which is part of  Philadelphia’s Housing Authority. According to the Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers, a mother left her two sons in apartment

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Wife among two fatally electrocuted while trying to save car crash victim as husband watched in horror

It was a scene of horror as the Good Samaritan Irma Zamora, 40, stepped into flooded street that carried an estimated 4,800 volts of electricity as her husband’s attempted, as well as others  on the scene reached for her left hands and getting severely electrocuted as well. A second Good Samaritan 39 years old, Stacey

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Bensalem Mother, daughter die in Bensalem storm-related fire

Police reported that an early morning Wednesday conflagration in Bensalem claimed the lives of two women and injured three volunteer fire fighters. Authorities confirmed the death of two women in an early morning fire in Bensalem on Wednesday where three volunteer firefighters were injured. The fatalities, identified as Helen Markett, age 95, and her daughter,

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Four firefighters injured in blaze

An extensive fire hit Creps United Publications printing plant located in West Philadelphia Street at the White Township, Indiana County, Pa. Creps, a commercial printer, is a specialist in producing newspaper inserts for retail advertisers, grocery stores in particular The fire broke out at 8:37 o’clock in the morning and spread so fast traveling throughout

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