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Man killed in accident at Phila. Sam’s Club

NORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA – An accident on Tuesday afternoon claimed the life of a man who was working at Sam’s Club in Northeast Philadelphia. The incident occurred around 1:30 o’clock in the afternoon at 1000 Franklin Mills Circle. According to the police, the man was working on an alarm system when he fell through the roof.

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Teacher Hospitalized After Chemical Burns

A teacher from the Albert Gallatin School District is hospitalized after she was burn from a chemical spill accident in her classroom last week. According to district superintendent, Carl Bezjak, one of their chemistry teachers whose identity he did not mention, suffered hand burns after a spillage from an acid-based chemical container kept in a

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‘My nose is disfigured, give me workers’ comp

When a worker fractured her nose, she was paid workers’ comp for surgery which repaired the fracture and alleviated her pain. However, for almost a year now, she has been claiming additional benefits for disfigurement. Should the court award her more workers’ comp benefits? The claimant, identified as Rhonda Walker fell down stairs at work

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Paper Clips for Root Canals Lands Dentist in Jail

Dentists today are getting innovative as they did a root canal using paper clip instead of a steel post. A Massachusetts dentist received a 1-year prison sentence at the Bristol County House of Correction, for using paper clips while performing a root canal on a patient. He is also facing charges of assault and battery,

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Former Philadelphia police Lt. Josey charged for punching woman

PHILADELPHIA – Formal charges have been filed against former police Lt. Jonathan Josey, who was caught on camera punching a woman in the face. On the Thursday afternoon news conference, District Attorney Seth Williams announced that Josey is charged with Simple Assault, a 2nd-degree misdemeanor. It appears that Josey will fight these charges, but he

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